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Are you looking for an engaging male-down to earth-motivational speaker to speak at your next conference or event?

Alvin D. Owens is a charismatic, spirited, and magnetic speaker whose smile, warm vibe, and upbeat, pleasant demeanor will motivate your attendees.  
An author, husband, father, and grandfather, Alvin is passionate about helping people not “sweat the small stuff” but to focus on the essential things in life.

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Faith for Fiery Trials: Men's Edition


Faith For Fiery Trials: Men Impacting Men With Real, Raw and Relatable Stories is the first of its kind.  A book collaboration with all African-American, Christian men sharing their stories with vulnerability, transparency and heart.  This book is life-changing for men and the women that love them.  The stories contained in this book touch on matters that men normally don’t talk about publicly.  If the subjects contained in this book do come up, it is within a small, controlled environment such as the Barber Shop.  The collection of stories pulls the proverbial cover back, so that others may get a view of what is important to these men, how they’ve been able to endure and overcome, and more importantly, how faith has been the key ingredient in their lives that has helped each one of them triumph over every trial!  This book is a game changer for men all over the world.  
Price: $20 plus $4.95 s&h

The Siblings Connection


The Siblings Connection, presented by Honey Owens-Belcher and Co-Authored by Alvin Owens, is a story of prayer, hope, determination and faith. It is a story of how the lives of four siblings were impacted by their eldest brother, Alfred. The book is a tribute to him, and is a reminder to always pray for your family and remember that we are all “works in progress”.
Price: $15.00


Black Men Succeed Ebook: Guide To Winning in 2021


Maintaining a positive attitude in 2021 is going to be key to a successful journey. We can all reflect on how hard 2020 was in some way. Some lost loved ones due to the coronavirus, some lost jobs, and the list can go on and on. It is ok to look back in reflection on the past year, but we should not linger there. As we enter a New Year, we can look to new mercies, new hopes, and dreams. We can look forward with fresh anticipation and a positive attitude. In this article I share several steps that we can practice in maintaining a positive attitude this year. Think Positive in 2021!

Price: $7.99

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